Naturally Increase Your Libido

Written on September 2, 2014 at 10:38 pm, by MisterSir

As men age they are aware that they do not have the sex drive they used to have. That is one of the reasons why they are looking to naturally increase their libido.

Reduction in Libido

There are a number of reasons as to why a man may have a decreased libido. These reasons include aging, health conditions, and erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is the most common cause of a decreased libido in men.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition where a man is unable to get an erection or maintain one. This makes a man unable to have sexual intercourse. Men with this condition can feel depressed, angry, and alone since they are not able to have sex.

Combat Erectile Dysfunction

Men should take comfort to know that both erectile dysfunction and a low libido can be fixed. There are steps a man can take to fix these problems and enjoy sex once again.

There are psychological issues that can cause erectile dysfunction. These issues include stress, anxiety, and depression. This conditions can also be a result of diabetes, problems with the kidneys and liver, and being overweight. A man can take control of both his physical and mental health to reverse the effects of erectile dysfunction.

Natural Remedies

Before going to a doctor or having to consider surgery there are natural remedies that will help reverse erectile dysfunction and low libido.

• A man can increase his physical activity by exercising. This will help increase the blood flow in the body and increase blood flow to the penis.

• A man also needs to make sure he is eating a proper diet. This will help the blood vessels in the penis take in more blood which is needed for an erection.

• A man needs to avoid stressful situations. Staying positive is also important.

In addition to these things a man can also take natural supplements that will help increase his sex drive and make his penis appear larger and thicker.

Deliver the Best Orgasms

Written on September 2, 2014 at 10:37 pm, by MisterSir

In high school I was not Mr. Popular but I was able to make up for this a little later. I made my own title “Most likely Able to Give the Best Orgasms.’

I have been told my ex-girlfriends that I gave them the best orgasm they ever had. I will take this title over anything else any day. I feel this is the most important title to have with the ladies.

You can have this title too. All you have to do is follow a few simple things, practice often, and put some time and effort into it.

For starters you need to understand that every woman is different. An orgasmic experience is different in women as well. What works well for one woman may not do it for another. That is okay. That is what makes women exciting- figuring out what gets them off.

Deliver the Best Orgasms Image

For every woman the orgasm starts and ends in her mind. If you stimulate her mind you will help maximize the sensation in the clitoris once you start to stimulated it.

An orgasm can be thought of as a wave. It starts off slowly, rises, and then crests. There is a woman underneath the crest. To increase the sensation for her you need to start with foreplay to increase her anticipation. This includes a lot of kissing and kissing more than the lips. You need to kiss her neck, back, buttocks, legs, and even her toes.

Do not just shove your penis inside a woman. Take your time. You will increase her pleasure if you enter her, pull out again, and kiss her again. This will build up the level of passion and desire.

When she wants you inside of her take the times to work your month down to her belly button while you are lightly squeeze her breasts. Then perform oral sex on her while using your fingers to enter her vagina.


Your tongue and your lips to lick, suck, and tease the clitoris. When having sex with her stop for a moment then enter her again. If you feel you are ready to orgasm hold back and go back to kissing her. Then go back to performing oral sex on her until she orgasms. When she does make sure you tell her she is sexy and beautiful. Kiss her passionately. It may take some practice to get this right but it will be worth it.

The most important thing to remember it to take your time, make is both sensual and fun, and increase her level of anticipation. With these steps you cannot go wrong. Good luck and have fun.